Token Overview - GMFC
Token utility and other details for the GamifyClub token (GMFC)
GamifyClub will be releasing the GMFC token in the run-up to the product launch. This token will function primarily as a way to bootstrap the initial interest in the project and the product ecosystem itself.
The primary token utility will come from GMFC staking, which will entitle stakers to a % of all revenue generated from the platform, across all products. Other token utility will be specific to each product for example:


  • Items sold on the marketplace both through primary and secondary will be charged a fee of 5% (similar to the Steam marketplace). This fee will be distributed back to token holders through the staking program
  • Items may also be traded and listed using the GMFC token pair where there will be bonus/discounts applied for purchasing with GMFC

Guild Integrator

  • Monthly management fees paid by guild managers will be denominated in GMFC
  • Games wishing to integrate their game with GamifyClub will be charged an integration fee denominated in GMFC


  • There will be an initial fee denominated in GMFC. This fee will be burned making the GMFC token a deflationary token.
  • Users will be able to vote on which projects proceed to pool status via the permissionless pool system. This puts the power of which pools go live into the community hands
  • Users will also need to stake GMFC to be eligible for allocation in the three round pools

Network Effect

As discussed above in the Revenue Model the value from the fee split is shared to stakers from all three product pillars. By integrating token utility into all three products and then allowing GMFC stakers to benefit from this usage, we intend to leverage the network effect — causing the value of GMFC to increase exponentially as more users join the platform, and simultaneously also ensures an exponential increase in value of the services provided.


Token distribution has been constructed to balance the needs of project funding and initial bootstrapping with the long-term sustainability of the project.
In doing so, GamifyClub have allocated a large portion of the overall supply toward Community Incentives. These community incentives will be utilised to incentivise behaviours that are positive toward the ecosystem, for example ‘marketplace mining’ where tokens are distributed on the basis of buy/sell volume.
  • Community Sale — 5.5m (across various funding rounds including an IDO)
  • Community Incentives — 8.2m
  • Treasury — 3.0m
  • Team — 3.0m
  • Initial Liquidity — 0.3m
Vesting will be applied to all token distribution schedules to ensure a smooth release of supply over the first 3 years of the project.

Community Sale

Further details as to how to get involved in the early-stages of GamifyClub will be provided shortly. At least one sale round will be conducted on Solana Launchpad Intersola. Stay tuned for more details.

Community Airdrop

In addition, to celebrate the pending community sale for GamifyClub, Intersola will be supporting the first GamifyClub Community Airdrop. Intersola stakers will be the first to be eligible to join in the action during October. We look forward to sharing these details very shortly.