GamifyClub Overview
How does it all work, and who is it for
GamifyClub is the all-in-one hub for the Solana Metaverse โ€” supporting the growth of games & the potential of players.
A single platform to enhance your play-to-earn gaming experience: For players, guilds, investors & project owners. Your club for game finance.
Our ecosystem includes a suite of products that touch all aspects of the growing GameFi world, providing a wholistic solution that provides benefits to $GMFC token holders regardless of how they actually use the platform.
The concept of the Club is important, as GamifyClub users across all parts of the Metaverse converge in one single place, regardless of which game they are interested in. The long-term vision is to become the first place anyone visits when they want to get started as a player, investor, a guild or even as a game.

The GamifyClub Ecosystem

The ecosystem includes a suite of products that enhance play-to-earn gaming experiences as well as supporting the growth of games themselves. This ecosystem will grow over time, however is initially cantered around three core products:
  • Metaverse Marketplace โ€” Bringing the Steam marketplace to the Metaverse. Allows players & speculators to trade gaming NFT items in a deep liquidity poo, with buyers and sellers across different game titles, all in one place
  • Guild Integrator โ€” A purpose built control centre for guilds and those running scholarship programs. Players will be able to find new guilds across a number of games to join in action at minimal cost
  • GameFi Launchpad โ€” Get early access to new play-to-earn game launches, GameFi projects and loot drops!

Who is GamifyClub For

GamifyClub is built to service all participants in the growing Solana Metaverse, ensuring that there is one central place that will grow in value as more participants join. The audience of players and investors generated by GamifyClub will in turn, attract more games & guilds, which will then simultaneously attract more users, in a feedback loop. This network effect will ensure that the platform will continue to grow in value and allow further GameFi related services to be built on in the future.

For Players

  • Participate in guilds to enhance your earning potential
  • Tap into the liquidity of the marketplace to reap the spoils, to get a leg up over your opponents
  • Find out about the hottest new games before they release

For Guilds

  • Manage and administer your guilds using our guild management tools โ€” no more spreadsheets!
  • Attract new players to your guild via our inclusive community
  • Support your players by scooping up the best items on the marketplace


  • Be the first to support and take a slice of the hottest new play-to-earn games in the Solana Metaverse
  • Speculate on the growth of in-game items on the marketplace


  • Access an engaged audience of players, guilds & investors to give your project the greatest chances of success

Benefits of a Single Platform

Since there are 3 major products in the ecosystem, we anticipate a number of already launched or soon-to-launched competitors. Our primary benefit to users over each specialised competitor is that we are creating a network (the โ€˜Clubโ€™) that brings together all participants of the ecosystem. This has the benefit of ensuring that the growth of each part of the wide GameFi ecosystem, creates a network effect by increasing the value of the other parts. We are not only cross-game, but also cross-feature, meaning that a user only needs to be acquired once, to be up-sold across all 3 parts of the platform.